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- Re:Zoom – a book of no return.

How can we return?
We resume,
but never from where we left off.

We continue from
some other place.

Re:Zoom, Sheri-D Wilson, Poetry, ISBN 978-1-897181-77-5 , 104 pages, Paperback, 5.5″ x 8.5″, $15.95

Wilson’s content treks across diverse plains — lost lovers, animal rights, poet bill bissett — and her experimental form differentiates this book from many released this spring. Not only does language undergo a makeover — verbatim becomes “ver-beat-him” — but the structure is shaken up, with stanzas diced and parsed and entire sections capitalized to emphasize a found memory. … Re:Zoom’s best pieces [shine] with such poetic light that it’s hard not to listen to wilson’s unique voice. ~David Silverberg, Quill and Quire

sheri-d wilson’s reputation as a wisecracking woman’s wisdom-peddling performance poet remains intact with her latest collection of poetry, Re:Zoom, in which she charts her familiar territory of near misses in love, sticking-out-her-tongue rants at authority, sardonic description of bad ex-boyfriends, and effusive praise songs for the spiritual and the feminine. ~Sonnet L’Abbe, The Globe and Mail

Calgary’s sheri-d wilson creates poetry definitely for adult sensibilities and has carved a niche for herself as one of Canada’s most consistently daring, progressive and experimental poets. Constantly striving to challenge the whole art of verse construction, Re:Zoom is a self avowed departure volume which deconstructs the lives, loves and roles of women in modern Canuck society. ~Gilbert A. Bouchard, Edmonton Journal

Re:Zoom (resume, re-zoom, etc) is vintage Sheri-D Wilson…. Sheri-D manages to skewer or lance most of [her] targets with the poniard point of her acid pen. ~Richard Stevenson, The Danforth Review

sheri-d wilson’s literary voice shows us that the best poetry is even closer to dance than to music – the physicality of words in motion. The poetry of Re:Zoom explores the marriage of body, emotion, ideas, language, and the sheer beauty of sass. ~Lillian Allen

sheri-d wilson is one of the finest poets in Canada, if not the world, including Vancouver. She can take an old tired adage, and make it jump down your throat into your heart and then further down into your very soul, the darkness where sexuality pulls at you and prods you to react to what she is saying. Re:Zoom will make you reconsider many things, perhaps beginning with what poetry is and what it can do to enrich your life. As she writes in a piece called “Re:finery of Bella Donna”…come shake my chandelier! ~Jann Arden

Winner: Stephan G. Stephansson Award for Poetry
The “Mama of Dada”

Poet, film-maker, educator, producer and activist

Sheri-D Wilson has 7 collections of poetry; her most recent, Autopsy of a Turvy World (2008, Frontenac House). Her last collection, Re:Zoom (2005, Frontenac House), won the 2006 Stephan G. Stephansson Award for Poetryand was shortlisted for the CanLit award. She has 2 Spoken Word CDs (arranged by Russell Broom), and 4 award-winning VideoPoems: Airplane Paula (2001), Spinsters Hanging in Trees (2002), Surf Rave Girrly Girrl (2004), and The Panty Portal (2008), all produced for BravoFACT.

Awards Include:

CBC Arts Top Ten Poets in Canada (2009), ffwd Readers’ Choice – Best Poet (2007-2010), Global TV’s Woman of Vision Award (2006), SpoCan Award (2005), Bumbershoot Heavyweight Title for Poetry USA (2003), Gold Award at the Houston Film Festival (2003), Three ACE awards (2003), AMPIA (2003, for best short or vignette), CBC Face-off (2002)

Reading Highlights:

Maple Stirrup en El Arco de la virgin 2010 (Barcelona), Art 4 Change 2010 (Harlem), FiEstival maelstrÖm reEvolution 2010 (Brussels), Blue Met 2009 (Montreal), Voix d’Amériques 2008,‘05 (Montreal)Bumbershoot 2003, ‘99, ‘92, ‘91, ‘89 (Seattle), Vancouver International Writers Festival 2002, ‘00, ‘95, ‘93, ’90 (Vancouver), The World Poetry Bout 2002 (Taos, New Mexico), Poetry Africa 2001 (South Africa), WordFest2008, 2000, ’95 (Calgary, Banff), Harbourfront Reading Series 1993 (Toronto), Small Press Festival 1990 (NYC).

Other Highlights:

Women and Words 2003-2010 (instructor), First Time Eyes: Unearthing Spoken Word 2007 essay (Canadian Theatre Review), Heart of a Poet2006, featured poet documentary, Bowery Project 2005 (Instructor), Alberta Scene 2005 (a commemoration of Alberta’s centennial), Human Rights Symposium 2005 Victoria, Sounds Like Canada, 2002 CBC Poet in Residence, Addicted: Notes From The Belly Of The Beast 2001 essayBlackoutConfessions a Jazz Play, 1991 text of play (Theatrum). Of the beat tradition, in 1989 Sheri-D studied at Naropa University’s Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, in Boulder, Colorado.

Since founding the Calgary International Spoken Word Festival in 2003, Sheri-D has worked to present the largest Spoken Word Festival in Canada. Driven by the passion to connect people, voices and ideas she organized SWAN (Spoken Word Arts Network, 2007 & 2005), produced the 2008 National Slam of Canada and since 2007 has been the Program Director of the Spoken Word Program at Banff Centre. /

Re:member Snapshot

What does it mean

when you take in a roll of thirty-six shots

and they only develop eleven?


I don’t know

I guess some didn’t turn out

Maybe they were over-exposed


What does it mean

when you start the roll with one love

and end the roll with another?


I don’t know

I guess some didn’t turn out

Maybe they were over-exposed


What does it mean

when you have two loves on the same roll

and you’re not with either of them anymore?


I don’t know

I guess some didn’t turn out

Maybe they were over-exposed

Did you drop your camera?


No, I wasted my film

and I hate it when people charge me

for exposing


Re:call Five Old Biddies on a Fifty

in memory of Henrietta Muir Edwards, Irene Parlby, Nellie  McClung,

Louise McKinney, Emily Murphy


Five old biddies on a fifty

dollar bill, of XXchange

BNA 24, DNA underscore, famous five

penta-live, quinquagesima –

women made of bronze

strive for realm of gold

fit, their circle into a square

hold their pose

reform prose, into

memory goes

rustlessness, impermeable


we have walked among them

by them, around them

and they have walked

through, talked to, us

given us names, faces

they have given us

traces of identity, history, hers

herstory, all races, women

stand together, this day, strong


we have recognized their chairs

and their table, admired their hats

wondered what they were thinking

tête-à-tête, heart-to-heart

rat-ta-ta-tat, over pink tea

conspirators of change, up rise

free, we have stopped to witness

their four seasons of courtly XXchange

their circle in a square, we have stopped

to watch nature rearrange

snow shawl crystals into

frozen furs that settle on their shoulders

to warm winter,

westerly women eyes

dare the full moon night, to be as full

and wise as it might dream to be

May spring bring

sundial on rotary phone

call home, pray, summer

summon fall, recall tone

ring, ring/ring, ring/equality


high-five the famous five for

women are persons

fight for the right

to be seen and heard

vote, for sight to be seen

run for Parliament, libertine

women are persons

heavenly spheres

past prejudice and strangling fears

women are persons

out of silence into voice, rejoice


Five old biddies on a fifty

nifty fifty-dollar bill

50 notes past fear divided by five

that’s two fivers, ten bucks each

that’s 10 times one hundred cents

which is one thousand cents,

10 bucks each

shared together, times five

is five thousand cents

a lot of cents, together

one bill of change

no passing the buck

within range, shoot for the stars

stamp it, and send that message home


this poem, is for the pentacle famous five

I stand before you today

in this circle square

with a voice, something to say

because of them, and others like them

their bones remain in ours

rattle, XXchange

watermark voice, of choice

five old biddies on a fifty

lives well spent, rejoice