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Reckless Toward Blossoming


Starting with a promise, Reckless Toward Blossoming begins a conversation with solitude, landscape and awakening. Through an ever-expanding world, we journey with the poet to navigate the “intersections of ditching streams,” ask haunting questions of the “lake with no bottom” and find courage on “the only 40 acres I know anything about.”

The discoveries of geography mirror an inner journey that is at times elevated and at times a plunge into dark reflection. Passing through these “tumbled terrains,” the poet’s voyage ultimately opens into realms of hope and spacious anticipation, where “Bones knit./Sunlight returns.”

Reckless Toward Blossoming, Deborah Lawson, Canadian Poetry, ISBN 9781897181928,  90 pages, Paperback, 6″ x 9″, $15.95