Alberta Writers

In Silhouette: Profiles of Alberta Writers

by Robert Stallworthy

In Silhouette
 written by Bob Stallworthy, is an ongoing E-book that features profiles on Alberta writers from all genres. This online resource is immensely popular among schools, libraries and researchers – in fact anyone who is interested in the Alberta writing community. There are over 30 profiles included in the e-book and there are plans to add more. As it takes a considerable length of time to get the profiles completed and posted, we add to In Silhouette as time and resources permit.

As Bob Stallworthy’s writing career grew and as his involvement with the Writers Guild of Alberta also grew, it occurred to him that there were a lot of writers working in the province who didn’t know about each other. This was particularly evident within the Guild as it began to increase in membership. He volunteered to write “profiles” of members for the Guild’s newsletter/magazine,WestWordIn Silhouette collects these and other new profiles in one place, the rationale for this e-book being that, if individual writers are still not sure who else is working in Alberta as a writer, the chances are pretty good that non-writers will not know either.

The criterion for inclusion is, at a minimum, having at least one book, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or children’s work, published by a recognized publisher. Almost all people profiled live in Alberta. You will find a few who live outside the province who, nevertheless, built much of their career while living here. They are all hard working writers. Some you have already met through reading their work. Many, you may not have met before. It is our great pleasure to introduce you to them.

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Current Profiles:

  • Timothy Anderson
  • John Ballem
  • Marty Chan
  • Joan Crate
  • Paulette Dubé
  • Dave Duncan
  • Cheryl Foggo
  • Fil Fraser
  • Cecelia Frey
  • Will Ferguson
  • Richard Harrison
  • Greg Hollingshead
  • Faye Reinberg Holt
  • Hazel Hutchins
  • Marie Jakober
  • Myrna Kostash
  • Robert Kroetsch
  • Alice Major
  • Sid Marty [new]
  • Shirlee Smith Matheson
  • Suzette Mayr
  • George Melnyk
  • Don Meredith
  • Tololwa Mollel
  • Sarah Murphy
  • Michael Penny
  • Roberta Rees
  • Ken Rivard
  • Gail Sidonie Sobat
  • Fred Stenson
  • Richard Stevenson
  • Aritha van Herk
  • Tom Wayman
  • Lyle Weis
  • Sheri-D Wilson
  • Christopher Wiseman
  • Mary Woodbury

For more bios of Alberta writers, see our online Alberta Writers Directory. Please let us know who else should be included.

Alberta Writers Directory

The purpose of the Alberta Writers Directory is to provide a one stop resource on the writers of Alberta. In the short time it’s been in service the Directory has led to several readings or workshops for the writers listed.

To be included in this Directory it is necessary to have at least one book published by a recognized publisher or one play produced by a professional theatre group. Although we recognize the many professionally-produced books being published by authors, not all self-published works are of such high standards and we simply do not have the resources to evaluate these submissions. Instead, we look  to our fellow publishers to do that screening for us. Once a writer’s eligibility has been established posting in the Directory happens rapidly.

For each author listed the Directory provides a short bio, photograph and a link to the author’s personal website or publisher. Their social media, Facebook, Twitter, etc., will be listed and there will be links to online reviews or articles referring to them or their work. This information is provided by the author. As writers are often contacted through the Alberta Writers Directory to present workshops and participate in readings there should be at least one piece of contact information included in the listing, ie, your telephone number or an email address.

To be included in this Directory it is necessary to have at least one book published by a recognized publisher or one play produced by a professional theatre group.

If you are a freelance writer (magazines, newspapers, etc.) you need to have published for pay, at least 10 magazine or newspaper articles of 300 words or more or documentaries, scripts for TV, radio, live or film performance, radio broadcasts, telecasts, or annual reports and government reports or have a magazine or newspaper staff writer position or have published at least one non-fiction book (no self-published books please).

The information in the Directory is provided free of charge under the following conditions:

  • the information contained within may not be altered in any fashion
  • Bob Stallworthy and Frontenac House must be acknowledged
  • Bob Stallworthy and Frontenac House and the author concerned cannot be held responsible for the misuse or misrepresentation of this information, nor can they be responsible for the content of websites linked to in this directory.

If you are eligible, or if you know of writers who are eligible, to be included in this Directory, please send an email to