Many Frontenac titles are available as ebooks from this site. For one price ($9.99 – $15.99 regular price), you can download a set of three ebooks in mobi, ePub and pdf formats to view on your Kobo, Kindle, computer and phone.


13 Ways to Kill Your Community by Doug Griffiths and Kelly Clemmer

Politician Doug Griffiths and journalist Kelly Clemmer tell you how to drive away people, eliminate jobs, undermine businesses, and otherwise ruin your community. Of course it is the authors’ hope – and ours – that you will actually learn how to nurture and build your communities.  eBooks


All Roads Lead to Manyberries by Ron Wood

The saloon in Manyberries, Alberta, is filled with a typical cast of small town characters who have much to say about politics in this country.

It’s a chair-dragging-across-the-saloon-floor earthy read. Ron Wood pokes fun at everyone: federal politicians, ‘politically correct’ causes, and the national media.” ~ Kate Malloy, The Hill Times  eBooks



Amazing Flights and Flyers by Shirlee Smith Matheson

Matheson chronicles the vast range of amazing flights for medical evacuation, search and rescue, escape attempts and even hijacking. Whether thrilling or tragic, these flights and flyers are always amazing. eBooks



Goddess Gone Fishing for a Map of the Universe by Sheri-D Wilson

Organic, spiritual and technical,  Goddess Gone Fishing for a Map of the Universe  uses QR codes to send readers outside the poetry to new vantage points. eBooks


Unruly Angels by Diane Buchanan

Poetry inspired by witnessing drug-dependent offenders report regularly to Drug Treatment Court about treatment and the rest of their lives.  eBooks


Narcissus Unfolding by Jim Nason

Real, flawed, failing love is seen in all its unfolded glory – and embraced – in poetry by gay, Toronto poet Jim Nason. eBooks


love in a handful of dust by Kirk Ramdath

Extended riffs on sex, politics and faith highlight excesses of the sensual, the emotional and the poetic. eBooks


Forgetting the Holocaust by Ron Charach

Ron Charach reflects on what it means to be a good Jew, a good son, and a good man in post-Holocaust Canada. eBooks


Yes. By Rosemary Griebel

Rosemary Griebel’s long-awaited first book, an intimate journey through love and loss, an affirmation of the importance of curiosity, passion and vision.

Shortlisted for THREE prizes: The Gerald Lampert Prize for Poetry, The Stephan G. Stephansson Award for Poetry and The Pat Lowther Prize eBooks


Attenuations of Force by Lori Cayer

Cayer is a unique lyric poet who brings her angular and exacting vision to considerations of mortality, bodily trauma, and emotional extremes. eBook


Children of Ararat by Keith Garebian

Children of Ararat, is the poignant recollection of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 and is dedicated to Garebian’s father, a survivor.  eBook


confessions of an empty purse  by S. McDonald

McDonald’s poetic transmemoir of passion and fear, laughter, nightmares and dysphoria, preservation, degradation, dreams and pride.  eBook


ex nihilo by Adebe D.A.

ex nihilo  considers the annihilation of particular identities in an impossibly post-racial world where art and identity are creations ex nihilo (Latin for “out of nothing”.  So, we travel and endlessly (re)create ourselves. eBook


Fallacies of Motion by William Nichols

Nichols moves back and forth between awareness and lack of awareness. When analysis fails, as it will do, the poet slips back again inside his skin. It is a journey to no place except home. “Dyslexia”, Nichols says, is his muse. eBooks


Falling Blues by Jannie Edwards

Edwards charts some of the many ways we have of falling in and out (of love, of lines), of falling for and under (spells, sinners, mystics), of falling off and down and getting back up and on again.  She is “at home in the canon of Canadian lyricism.” eBooks


Learning to Count by Douglas Burnet Smith

One of three poetry titles on the Globe and Mail’s top 100 books of the year, 2010. This book explores the counterpoint between everyday, often innocent, experiences and the darker elegiac tones of history.  eBooks


[sic] by Nikki Reimer

 [sic] re-writes a feminist lyric within the long shadow cast by neo-liberalism upon the city and its denizens, mis-remembers the lines and re-inscribes the labour and commerce and sexual negotiations that take place there. eBooks


Standoff Terrain by Jocko Benoit

Taking its inspiration from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, Standoff Terraint is a book of love poems for losers, and since almost everybody has lost at love…this book is probably for you. In the end, these poems are about how power – and lack of power – affect who and why we love. eBook


White Shirt by Laurie MacFayden

Laurie MacFayden navigates love, longing, lust and loss with deft wordplay and disarming wit, plumbing our most intimate relationships – those entwining family, friends, lovers and exlovers. Like the white shirt in the title, these poems are crisp, seductive and a little bit sweaty. eBook


more to come………